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Apartments Bungalovs Borinka Podhájska Podhájska, Podhájska Accommodation

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Apartments - Bungalows Borinka - Podhájska - Slovakia - accommodation thermal swimming pool Podhájska ...

In the area of ​​thermal swimming-pool Podhajska is cottage settlement with 16 bungalows with a total capacity of 64 beds. Each bungalow is equipped with a kitchen kútikom, social room and a complete sanitation facilities. The 10-Stich bungalows are in the attic bedrooms with 4 beds and the other 6-Stich are two separate bedrooms on the ground floor and two beds are any. In the center of a cottage colony is located gazebo for pet sitting.

Thermal swimming pool - Podhájska - Slovakia:

Subsoil spring belongs to the relatively young tectonic regions, active even in the last century. Thanks to him, the water is warm and the temperature about 80 ° C appears on the surface. Thermal water, which is salt, pharmaceuticals active on the people who suffer illness and prieduškovými respiratory diseases. It occurs in water element lithium, which helps the treatment days, hereafter referred to are the iodides, which stimulate the thyroid gland. In water are represented by compounds acting on calcium aftercare fractures, hereafter the bromides are mitigating pain. World unique thermal water well operating on people suffering from reumatizmom, cievnymi and toggle the disease, A lasting pain spine. They are represented by the sulphates that help in treating diseases ekzémových. When bulk kúpaní does not create any illness, since this salt water brought in immediately destroys bacteria and prevents their multiplication. In 2003, a comprehensive maintenance was carried out drilling in the 10-year cycle of maintenance, depth-prevŕtaním extractive column. Consequently, the total reconstruction done nadzemnej part of borehole mining, thus carried out the overhaul of 30 of the annual operation.

Passenger car parking is possible at bungalove.V 1973, he was bored geothermal resources mineralizovanej strong depth of water in 1900. Water has the mouth temperature of 80 ° C and a yield of 50 liters per second. At first sight, unbelievable, but true. Slovakia has more. Although the nevlní but heal. Its water is a unique specimen is comparable with Dead Sea water. It comes more from treťohorného spring. In his spodných layers found teeth of fish, beans and pollen next then-biological material.

Type of rooms
2 bedroom3 bedroom4 bedroomApartmentAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, radio, fitting

Basic information: exchange, Information service, safety box, reserved parking Lot

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (5 m)

Name of bus stop: (40 m)

Name of train stop: (500 m)

Railway station name: (500 m)

Store: (10 km)

Thermal spa: Podhájska (5 m)



Sport activity opportunities:
Schwimming-pool, Baseball field

Congress services:
Telephone, Fax, Safety box

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

1.1-31.1230 (2 osoby/person)40 (3 osoby/person)46,50 - 60 (4 osoby/person)

Currency: EUR

Price includes:

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Apartments Bungalovs Borinka PodhájskaApartments Bungalovs Borinka PodhájskaApartments Bungalovs Borinka Podhájska
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